Guide: Staking Ethereum With Lido

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Lido is live! You can now stake your ETH with Lido to contribute to the security of the ETH network whilst earning daily rewards for doing so.

Visit to get started. 🏝️


  • Stake Ethereum with Lido to earn up to a maximum of 18.10% a year in staking rewards.
  • Stake whatever amount you want - there are no minimum Ethereum staking deposits with Lido.
  • Receive stETH when staking - a tokenised version of your staked ETH - which value updates daily to reflect your earned staking rewards.
  • Stake directly from your Metamask, Ledger or other wallet of preference.
  • When you stake with Lido you stake across a set of proven validators with a track-record of excellence in the field of staking to minimise slashing and hostage risks.

What is Lido

Lido is a liquid staking solution for ETH 2.0 backed by a number of the industries leading blockchain staking providers. Lido allows users to stake any amount of ETH - without the need to maintain complex infrastructure - whilst preserving the liquidity of their ETH through the stETH token. This lets users stake their ETH whilst participating in on-chain activities of their choice, e.g. lending and farming.

When you stake with Lido you receive stETH tokens on a 1:1 basis representing your staked ETH. This stETH balance can be used like regular ETH to earn lending rewards, and are updated on a daily basis to reflect your ETH staking rewards.

The goal with Lido is to solve a number of the problems associated with  ETH 2.0 staking - illiquidity, immovability and accessibility - making staked ETH liquid and allowing for network participation with any amount of ETH.

How to stake Ethereum with Lido

1. Visit and press 'Connect Wallet'.

2. When shown wallet options, choose preferred option. With your wallet connected you should be able to view your ETH balance within the Lido widget.

3. Enter the amount of ETH you want to stake.  When ready, press Stake. Note that you will be able to view your Transaction Fee, stETH Balance and Annual Percentage Rate prior to confirming.

4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

5. Your wallet now contains the amount of ETH you staked - in stETH - visible in your wallet. Your stETH balance is updated daily to reflect staking rewards.

Staking your ETH using Lido

Ethereum staking rewards

The Ethereum staking reward rate is variable and changes based on the total amount of ETH staked. If the total amount of ETH staked is low then the reward rate will be higher, with a maximum annual reward rate of 18.10%.

Ethereum staking rewards

To track the current Ethereum staking rate, visit

Lido staking fees

Lido applies a 10% fee on staking rewards, split between node operators, the DAO and an insurance fund. This fee can be changed by the DAO pending a successful vote.

If you have a question, stop by the Lido Staking FAQ. If you can't find what you're looking for then we encourage you to submit a question. If you're having trouble staking your Ethereum using Lido, please refer to the following guide:

Using your stETH token

When you stake ETH with Lido you receive stETH to reflect your staked Ethereum. This stETH token represents your staked ETH, with its value changing daily to reflect earned staking rewards. Once transactions are enabled on Eth2, you can redeem your staked ETH using your stETH.

If you are having trouble viewing your stETH balance after staking, follow these instructions: Adding stETH To Metamask.

stETH is a liquid token which can be traded, sent, lent and more, allowing you to participate in DeFi activities even after staking.

What's next?

Over the coming weeks we will be seeing the growth of the Lido and stETH ecosystem, with stETH evolving as a building block for other applications and protocols. As more and more applications begin to allow for interaction with stETH, the benefits of liquid Ethereum staking will become more and more obvious.

In addition to this we aim to see the growth in Lido DAO discussions, with incoming proposals on validator admissions, fee distributions and more. Have a suggestion you'd like discussed? Submit it!f

The Lido DAO community

Let's connect! If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.